January 31, 2020

As CBD proves itself to be one of the most exciting skincare ingredients of our times, cannabis is shedding it’s stoner image and becoming a beacon of luxury, wellness and“where-have-you-been-all-my-life?” 

If the latest beauty buzzwords have left you feeling a little dazed and confused, you’re not alone. Consider this helpful info for your next beauty safari...

Photo: Erin Scott

CannabisThe overarching family of plants, which includes marijuana and hemp.

Marijuana A strain of cannabis that contains more THC (what gets you high) than CBD.

Hemp A strain of cannabis like a cousin to the marijuana plant that contains more CBD than THC.

CBD(stands forcannabidiol) A chemical compound with therapeutic attributes that is extracted from hemp, not marijuana. 

THC (stands fortetrahydrocannabinomain) The psychoactive compound in marijuana that gives you the high sensation.

Like CBD oil, hemp seed oil has its place in skincare. However, this is due primarily to its moisturizing properties. You’ve seen it in health food stores for decades, but it packs less of a punch without the rich cannabinoids. “The way hemp and cannabis are classified is confusing because of their names,” explains Dr. Chin, Chief Medical Officer for Saint Jane. “The hemp plant is grown differently than the cannabis plant we consume. Hemp is Cannabis sativa and contains a lower percentage of THC than CBD. THC is formed in resin glands located on the buds and flowers of the female cannabis plant. Because industrial hemp isn’t cultivated to produce buds or flowers, it doesn’t produce high THC content. Industrial hemp is grown to make paper, clothes, fiber and food.”

All of this leads to the fact thatnot all CBD is created equal, and not all CBD is sourced from the same version of the plant subspecies Cannabis sativa. In fact, there are three different types of CBD:

Full-spectrum CBD The whole plant, including the leaves, stems and flowers are distilled.

Broad-spectrum CBD A tiny amount of THC from the hemp plant is removed from the oil.

CBD distillate Only the cannabidiol is extracted from the plant so no other cannabinoids, nutrients or terpenes are included in the oil.

The 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD contained in our Luxury Beauty Serum calms, nourishes and transforms the skin instantly you’ll see why so many people are big believers in cannabis-based beauty. We pair nutrients from the whole plant with ultra-potent, super effective botanicals that amplify CBD's benefits. Our CBD is clean and co2 extracted like a cold-pressed juice. Our hemp is sourced from sustainable, female-owned organic US farms and every batch tested for potency and purity from a third-party lab partner. We test our product 4x throughout the entire process, setting the standard for transparency and integrity to the world of CBD beauty products. 

Photo: Erin Scott