Clean Story

Saint Jane

Clean Story

100% Clean. 100% Effective.

Our founder's mission was to create performance-driven, highly effective and 100% clean products. We spent hundreds of hours formulating our signature Luxury Beauty Serum before launching in 2019, and we follow that same obsession with quality for every product since. 

Our botanicals are sustainably sourced, each handpicked from the regions best-known for potency, purity and responsible farming. We carefully curate our botanicals to enhance CBD’s calming and soothing properties, and scientifically formulate the blends to ensure every ingredient pairs beautifully for optimal results.

Meticulously Tested

Our hemp is US-grown using organic practices, and we rigorously test our cannabis four times in the supply chain process before it reaches our clients...that is double the industry standard. 

We use the cleanest extraction method possible--supercritical Co2--to distill our hemp into full-spectrum oil, protecting the purity and potency of the plant. We use full-spectrum CBD because we believe in the rich benefits of the whole plant, also known as the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is when all of the cannabinoids and terpenes in the plant come together to fully open the endocannabinoid receptors closest to the skin and allow for maximum absorption.