Founder Story

Saint Jane

Founder Story

Meet Casey Georgeson

Casey has spent her career developing beauty and wine brands like Marc Jacobs, Disney for Sephora and Cupcake Vineyards. Highly passionate about the powerful benefits of CBD, she's created her own collection of covetable products infused with this remarkable ingredient.

“The idea for Saint Jane Beauty was born the day I learned about the extraordinary benefits of CBD for the skin,” she says. “I set out to create a potent collection with beauty and wellness ingredients that work in concert to provide calm and radiance. After meticulous development, I fell in love with a formula that became our Luxury Beauty Serum. It truly encourages balance from the skin to system.”

Her goal was to surpass mainstream skincare, color and fragrance with a luxurious collection that’s uniquely focused on wellness and lifestyle. “Feeling good can be more profound than looking good, although these products perform more powerfully than anything else I’ve tried.”

“This plant-powered brand is female-centric, girl-empowering and nurturing at its core. Saint Jane aspires to help women become their best. I’ve always instilled in my three young daughters that happy girls are the prettiest girls,” she says. “If true radiance comes from a place of contentment, it’s time we look at luxury products through a new lens. First comes bliss, then comes beauty.”